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Mhde Askar Delves into the World Class Sports Franchises of Chicago

Travel blogger Mhde Askar is in Chicago this week, digging into the Windy City's wealth of professional sports franchises. Chicago is a sports fan's dream. With two Major League baseball teams and legendary franchises in basketball, football, and hockey, Chicago's top athletes attract a worldwide fanbase. Visitors don't have to settle for the view from a TV screen -- Chicago's sports are meant to be experienced live.  Askar breaks down how, when, and where to see the legends of Chicago sports:   

THE CHICAGO CUBS.  Where: Wrigley Field, Lakeview When: Late March through Late September     An iconic sports franchise deserves an iconic home. The winners of the 2016 World Series have a doozy in Wrigley Field, a name practically synonymous with baseball. Tucked in the northern Lakeview neighborhood, at over 100 years old recent renovations have not diminished the majesty and history of one of America's truly great ballparks. Don't get overcharged for advanced …

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