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Mhde Askar Explores the Five Essential Places to Eat in Chicago

Travel blogger Mhde Askar hits Chicago this week, bringing his readers the insider tips that make for a memorable trip. Today, he explores all the Windy City has to delight the taste buds. From budget bites to fine dining, Chicago has several signature dishes that you just can't leave without trying.
Mhde Askar breaks it down with the Five Essential Places to Eat in Chicago. 

PEQUOD'S PIZZERIA.   The rivalry between the New York slice and Chicago deep dish is legendary. Deep dish pizza is more like a casserole made of traditional pizza ingredients, eaten with a fork. Don't choose your side until you've visited Lincoln Park and tried Pequod's famous deep dish with "caramelized crust" - extra cheese sprinkled around the perimeter of the pie and seared until crunchy. You haven't arrived in Chicago until you have a bite of this in your belly. 

MAPLE and ASH.  Chicago was famous for its bootlegging industry during Prohibition. Maple and Ash, located in t…

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